*Thak sa gya hu*

It’s been a while,
My body has become a little fragile,
with days & months passing by, maybe I am losing my style.
Just piling up, my lost memories …in between the files

Haa, ab thoda ….. thak sa gya hu,
andar hi andar, tham sa gya hu,

Kabhi kabhi, kehte kahte….. chup hojata hu
par logo ko lagta hai ki mai…. rude hojata hu

nahi ye sab sach ni hai,
andar hi andar mai ……. ghabrata hu

inlogoke liye ye too much ni hai,
zinda hu mai bahar se par andar se mai….
kabhi kabhi marjata hu.

Problem na meri hai na unki, shayad mai hi
iss situation ko aandekha karjata hu.
aur man hi man apne ap ko samjhata hu

if I try to find answers to all my questions,
either I will lose my position or die out of suffocation,
maybe I just need a little correction but the deal of affection and connection that can lead me to the solution..